Getting Over the Embarrassment of Wearing Padded Panties in Public

From fake hair to natural 3d real mink fur lashes, colored contacts to push up bras, and high heel shoes…chances are, if you weren’t born with “it” naturally- you can buy it! It is said we live in a microwave society, that we want everything right away and our way – this even applies to body parts! Thanks to starlets and socialites like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, millions of women are now obsessed with the size of their natural “assets”! Do you have a flat, shapeless butt? Thin narrow hips? Or do you feel that you look like Sponge Bob in a dress when you go out to the night club? There are now products on the market designed for your specific ailment! If you weren’t born with a full backside and round curvy hips – you can now buy them online!

natural 3d real mink fur lashes
natural 3d real mink fur lashes

Padded booty’s and hips are becoming just as mainstream as the push up bra! Some of us need a little extra help in that department, and they serve as an immediate confidence booster as it gives you a more shapely, womanly body. Now there may be a certain amount of hesitancy in wearing your padded butt out in public, specifically when you’ll find yourself at a party or event where people will be standing close, or you run the risk of natural 3d real mink fur lashes brushing up against you.

If you’re still a bit apprehensive about wearing your padded undergarments in public, to a party or around people who know you – I have a few tips for you:

1. Don’t Go Overboard: The key to wearing any type of body or natural 3d real mink fur lashes enhancement is to keep it as close to believable as possible. If you’re an A-cup, you shouldn’t wear a bra or addition that takes you to a full D cup. You’ll look faker than a $2 bill. The same can be said for wearing panties with padded butt and hips. Don’t take your quest to be bootylicious to the extreme, if your hips natural measurements are, for example – 36 inches, stick with a garment that only adds a maximum of 1 to 1.5 inches to that.

2. Try a Natural Feel: There is a huge difference between the cheaper padded panties and the more high end units. This different is primarily found in the quality of the “padding” with the more expensive brands using better silicone inserts. Even if you aren’t expecting anyone to touch your rear, a natural feeling insert makes for a more natural looking butt.

3. Avoid Skin Tight Clothing: You’re thinking of buying padded booty natural 3d real mink fur lashes because you want to look better in your clothing, however I suggest that you avoid wearing super tight Lycra material clothing. This will certainly call attention to your backside and make any irregularities even more noticeable.

4. Act Naturally: It’s important that you act as natural and normal as possible while wearing your padded butt – tugging at it, adjusting it, or just acting in a general self-conscious manner about your rear will draw attention to both you and it.

natural 3d real mink fur lashes
natural 3d real mink fur lashes

Finally – the most important piece of natural 3d real mink fur lashes that I can give you is to simply HAVE FUN! There isn’t anything wrong with enhancing what you already have, and don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise!

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