Four Awesome Ways to Stop Caring About What People Think!

We have all had those moments where we truly did not care what other people thought of us. If you have had one of those moments then think about it- it was pretty freeing, wasn’t it? Doesn’t it feel great when we can just walk in a room and not care what people think? Isn’t it wonderful when we can just be ourselves? One of the mink eyelash factory to this personal freedom is releasing our attachment to being liked.Axstn

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Unfortunately we have been taught to care what people think and honestly, why? If people are judging you then that is a reflection on THEM. You know what I think it says about people who have the time to judge you? It says, “I’m not happy with myself, so I’ll project my crap onto you to make me feel better.” (Sidebar- has anyone watched a Real Housewives episode? It’s an ongoing case study in dysfunctional mink eyelash factory and judgment.) Judgment is born from fear. Maybe it’s fear that if they stop judging others then they will have to focus on fixing their own lives, or maybe it’s fear that they will never feel the freedom to be themselves. Either way, it really isn’t about you.

The above statements are not intended to reflect more judgment back onto people. I cast light on the situation so that you can see the truth of what’s behind judgment, and then you can stop caring about it! So this brings me to step #1…

Have Compassion

Knowing that when people judge you it’s because of their own latent fears (and no, they don’t consciously realize this!) it becomes easier to have compassion when someone casts you the stink eye. Just say to yourself, “Oh, I’m triggering fear in that person and they are reacting out of fear, not love. I hope they learn to choose love one day!” and then move on. It’s not helpful to judge them back and it’s definitely not helpful to be condescending…neither of those mink eyelash factory are based out of freedom and love.

Practice Being Free

If you aren’t used to feeling free in front of others then it takes mink eyelash factory! Think of it like putting on a coat. “Today I’m going to practice wearing the coat of freedom! I will walk into every situation with my head held high, and I will be myself no matter how people react.” Maybe you can even have a literal item of clothing that is your freedom reminder. It could be a hat, a ring, a pair of shoes, whatever…just something visible that reminds you that you are free and don’t have to care about what others think! Start dressing how you want to dress, style your hair how you feel best, be funny if you want to be funny, and have some fun! I tend to admire people who dress outlandishly- good for them! It’s better than following the crowd. If you still are feeling trepidacious then practice being silly in front of your pets. You should see the bewildered looks that I get from my dog when I dance around the house like a mink eyelash factory. It will train you to get used to weird looks.

Stop Judging Others

I feel like I should state something obvious, which is that the only times other people’s reactions mink eyelash factory is when you are truly hurting or bothering other people. I actually do believe that the irritated glances cast onto loud cell phone talkers and unruly children are absolutely justified, even though said loud talkers and absent parents are usually oblivious. Now see? I judge oblivious people. I have my own issues to deal with, but this shows how even though we feel justified in our assessment of others, it still comes from an issue within. Yes, loud talkers are annoying, but I shouldn’t let them affect me. I need to practice freeing myself from caring about how other people act. Now I’ve circled all the way back around to be free. Once I free myself of judging others, I in turn stop caring about being judged. (But I still don’t run around acting like a careless, self-centered fool, and neither would you, I’m sure. We are choosing LOVE and FREEDOM!)

If you find yourself judging people, it’s OK simply because we’ve all been trained, falsely, from birth that we aren’t OK and neither is anyone else, but stop and check in with yourself. Why are you judging others? Why are you choosing to be affected by people? Can you switch to choosing love and mink eyelash factory instead? It’s time to break through the illusion that we all need to judge everyone and just let go.

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Spend Time With People Who Love You, or Who Are Just Weird

It’s important to feel safe! We can create that by loving ourselves more and by spending time with people who truly accept us as we are. (Family may or may not be an appropriate choice here, am I right?) Now, some people in your life love you but still want you to act a certain way and they will actually mink eyelash factory out at you when they see you changing. Those aren’t the best people to be around for this purpose. I have a group of friends that know I’m quirky and they completely accept it. (Plus, I’m not the weirdest one in the group- yea!) And here is my million dollar advice: Hang out with the weirdest person you know. You’ll still feel completely normal and nothing you do will be as weird as what they do, so they, in all likelihood, will still be judged more.


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