Longcils Boncza and Divaderme

The glamour of Marilyn Monroe, the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn, the elegance of Catherine Deneuve, and the modern minklashes wholesale of Sophie Marceau are all style icons that utilize or have utilized the timeless beauty techniques of old Hollywood. Old Hollywood style calls for a flair of the dramatic that is reminiscent of a time when glamour and romance reigned supreme. For generations stars and makeup artists alike have turned to Longcils Boncza to achieve this dramatic classic look. However, depending on the item you are looking for it may be Divaderme that you want to create striking eyes similar to the starlets of Hollywood. Longcils and Divaderme use to be in partnership together but now Divaderme has struck out on their own and if you are looking for lengthening fibers Divaderme is the brand for you.Axstn

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minklashes wholesale

Created in 1950, Longcils Boncza was designed primarily as makeup for sensitive eyes in the professional arts. The originator, Dr. Boncza wanted to develop a makeup line that could withstand the highly demanding and sophisticated industries of movies, theater, and fashion and not irritate sensitive eyes. Longcils has its claim to fame by having the first mascara in the world to be used by international stars. Still one of its most popular products today, their cake mascara is a true throwback to enchanting old Hollywood and the glamour of thick long dramatic lashes. Longcils is continuing in their quest to create original concepts in beauty and specializing in stunningly effective beauty products for the eyes.

A modern company that follows in the same glamorous footsteps as Longcils Boncza is the cosmetics line Divaderme. In a combination of nature, technology, and ancient beauty secrets, Divaderme has been the premier line of beauty products for salon and spa professionals for over 30 years. Divaderme uses an effortless elegance to bring out the diva and Hollywood starlet in every woman. Like Longcils, Divaderme specializes in dramatic eye makeup that is used worldwide.

Longcils and Divaderme are two powerhouse forces that can both deliver the “red carpet” look and stunningly beautiful eyes that can’t be ignored. A product that should be in every glamour girl’s bag of tricks is a bottle of minklashes wholesale extender. It is like having minklashes wholesale in a bottle ready to wear without the hassle of gluing on fake lashes. The lash extender product is where Longcils and Divaderme’s fates have crossed paths.

Longcils originally offered the minklashes wholesale extender and this formula used natural fibers to make eye minklashes wholesale look longer instantly and added length, thickness, and beauty to eyelashes. It was actually Divaderme that was manufacturing the extender for Longcils. Divaderme decided to start selling the extender “in house” so they revoked Longcils’ privilege to sell their formula. So Longcils had to reformulate the formula and it left customers a little less satisfied. Divaderme still uses the same natural fibers it has used in the past while Longcils has switched to a synthetic fiber. Natural fibers mean no irritation. Divaderme maintains the original Longcils lash extender formula today, which enriches the lash fibers with panthenol, a provitamin of B5 that conditions and makes the lashes shiny. It is 100% natural, so it is safe and comfortable for even the most sensitive eyes.


Longcils Boncza and Divaderme together have provided timeless beauty to women for over 60 years. Known for their stunningly beautiful eye products, they both redefine the Old Hollywood look for the modern world. Divaderme stands apart with their Stimulash minklashes wholesale extender that uses the old Longcils “original” formula. Since the separation Divaderme has become a new brand to look at and especially if you were a fan of the Longcils Lash Extender take note that if you want the same product you now need the Divaderme one. But not to worry you will still receive the same great results and finished product just now with slightly different packaging. Your eyelashes will never know the difference.


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