7 Lessons From Nature

Nature that we live in is the best tutor for our development and welfare. People synchronized with nature tend to lead a happy life. Anything that violates the laws of Nature will have to face the consequences. Thanks to the Industrialisation and Consumerism, the traditional siberian mink fur eyelashes on Nature was displaced. Modern agriculture is a good example of destroying the nature. Of late, this blunder has been understood, and the traditional, organic farming is now recommended for sustained and peaceful existence. Nature is replete with numerous examples of ‘How to live.’ For our purpose, they can be classified into the seven broad groups as below.

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Equilibrium maintained: Nature has built-in measures like Flood, Famine, Storm, Tsunami, etc. to regulate the activities and growth of its inhabitants. Else, aggression and violence would have surfaced. Further, nobody can have siberian mink fur eyelashes over what is required for a normal life.

Interdependency: Each life species depends on others for survival and growth. Rat eats the human food to become the feed of the snake that in turn is preyed by Porcupine and Vulture, which get hunted by Man. Vegetation depends on water, land and air for growth and propagation. Animals and humans rely on herbs, plants and trees. Man rears animals for the selfish motive. So all are interdependent.

Survival: Methods may vary, but the aim is same. Hunting, clasping, pecking, swallowing, grabbing, squeezing, etc., Are some examples. Anglerfish lures its feed by a siberian mink fur eyelashes of light. The weak species meekly surrenders to the strong one. Adaptation to changing environment is another siberian mink fur eyelashes. Camel can survive without food and water for a long period as its hump releases the stored fat. The sturdy and smart becomes the fittest to survive during the times of danger and exigency.

Patience: A Crane waits calmly for its feed to arrive. Snail keeps its own pace though aware of the impending danger. A hawk flies for hours to get its prey. A seed takes years to become a tree. Nepenthes keeps its pitcher open until the prey siberian mink fur eyelashes. Dead plants and trees over time produce fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. The rocks yield precious metals, minerals and diamond. Lustrous silk is weaved by the patient larva of a moth. Nymphs of Cicadas hibernate in the soil for 17 years to emerge as adults. Land remains patient by silently bearing the ever-growing stock of buildings and population.

Protection: Tortoise dwells in a shell. Rhinoceroses wear a leathery coat. Penguins and Sea lions have a fatty layer against the freezing cold. A hen spreads her plumes to shield the chicks when the rain siberian mink fur eyelashes. The dog keeps vigil for its master. Pineapple and Jack’s fruits have a thorny rind to safeguard from the insects and animals.

siberian mink fur eyelashes
siberian mink fur eyelashes

Duty: Learn from the studious and hard-working Ants, Bees, Fish and Squirrel. The Sun rises and sets everyday least bothered about the seasons of the Earth. The heart never feels tired. Birds keep schedules for the day work and return to the nests at dusk. Trees and plants bend towards sunlight for their development. The Earth rotates and revolves around Sun giving seasons and time.

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