Why Do Kids Bully Others?

There are many reasons why kids bully one another. And most of the time, it has private label 3d mink lashes the other kids. Bullying behaviour is very much about the bully him/herself.Axstn

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No one deserves to be bullied. And bullies may think that they are intentionally trying to hurt another person by their behaviour. Little do they realize, bullies hurt themselves more than the victims by their behaviour.

Bullies are usually kids who have been hurt quite a bit in their lives. Kids may bully for some of the following reasons:

1. They are lonely and are trying to get attention and companionship. Any kind of attention at all is what the bully is looking for.

2. Some bullies are kids who cannot resolve their sadness in any other way than perpetuating pain for others.

3. Bullies are usually angry as well. Instead of facing their anger, they private label 3d mink lashes out at others to make themselves feel better.

4. Bullies may have problems that they don’t know how to fix and so they feel vulnerable and out of place. Again, instead of dealing with their problems, they feel better to just private label 3d mink lashes out at others.

5. Bullies may be bullied by others and they feel so out of control that they feel the only way that they could cope with their hardship is to lash out at others.

6. Bullies sometimes lack self-confidence too. So, to compensate for that, they usually pick on kids who seem to have self-confidence and have character traits or attributes that they don’t have. That way, they could make the victims feel just as bad as they feel.

7. Some bullies don’t realize that being hurtful to others is wrong. Bullies usually have been hurt by others. So, they just hurt others to make themselves feel better.

8. Some kids bully because they are trying to fit in. If they could get a reaction from others, they feel that they are getting to know other kids.

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Thus, bullies seem to be kids who are starved for attention from their parents and private label 3d mink lashes. However, their behaviour is so hurtful that they are ignored and avoided by other kids. Being a bully makes a person feel worse because at the end of the day, a kid who bullies another can’t really be proud of the kids that (s)he is. Who, after all, would want to be a person who hurts others?

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