The Best Way to Apply Makeup for Prominent Eyes

If you have prominent eyes, then you will want to take special care when applying your eye makeup. If you are new to applying makeup and are confused as to how to apply eye makeup because things you read are contrary to what you should do, here are some great tips to follow.Axstn

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

The standard way to apply eye makeup is to have the highlighted (lightest) shade on your eyelid and browbone, the midtone (darker shade) in the crease, and the accent (darkest color) on the outer portion of your eye.

However, if your eyes are prominent, you must not apply your makeup this way. Before we get into that, how do you determine if you have prominent eyes? Prominent eyes can be best described as being more forward, or almost protruding from the face. I’ve heard some people call them “fish eyes” or “bug eyes,” but we are not critters, people! You just happen to have eyes that are very full and outstanding!

Because your eye is so full and more forward, the goal with eye makeup is to help push the eye back. Remember the three shades mentioned above that are used in eye makeup application (highlighter, midtone, accent)? You are going to apply these three colors in a very specific way to accomplish this. The colors you choose depend upon the color of your eye and your skin tone, but we are not going into that here.

Here is the down-low on how to apply makeup for prominent eyes:

1) Apply the highlight shade to your browbone only.

2) The midtone shade is applied by starting at the base of your upper siberian mink lashes line and sweep the color up and over your entire eyelid, extending the color all the way up to your browbone.

3) Apply the accent shade by starting at the base of your siberian mink lashes line, then sweep it up across the lid and into the crease. You can also sweep this darkest color underneath the lower lash line as well for a softened eyeliner look.

You need these two different darker colors layered because of the effect they have in softening your eye. Using an eye brush makes this task easy and helps blend the colors together. Do not be tempted to add a little highlight to your eyelid. This defeats the purpose of helping the appearance of your eye siberian mink lashes.

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

If your a novice to makeup application, don’t worry. As with most things, practice helps you improve your skills. Don’t be afraid to try something new, but don’t try a new makeup application technique just before a big event – it will cause you stress by wondering if you did it right and make you feel self-conscious.


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